Saturday, April 3, 2010

How to Remain Famous: The Bacchan Way

-Mahavir Sanglikar

Many people become famous in their young age by their great work, and many of them loose the fame in due course. But some smart people mange to remain famous even in their bad or downward days. Bachchan is one of such great person to whom I know from my childhood.

Recently he shared with me some tips about remaining famous even at your older age.

• Start a blog at any adda. You don’t have to pay for it, rather you should ask the addawalahs to pay some money.

• Always write on the blog something controversial, write about yourself and your family. Keep in mind that your family members also need fame.

• Few people will read your blog, but that is not enough. So, manage to send the content to media regularly. The TV News Channels will chew it for all the day and the newspapers will publish it on the front page with your photograph. Remember that masses will know what you want to say only through newspapers and news channels, and not from your blog.

• If any famous person is suffering from cold etc. and admitted to a hospital, visit him. Don’t forget to inform the media about your visit. Some news channels will arrange a live telecast of your visit, and the newspapers also will publish the news on next day.

• If something bad happens with Indians in other countries, it is a great chance for you to shine again in media. Just tell the media that you are refusing the degree offered by a University or an award from that country. The result: You will get more coverage this time. (You don’t need to have such offer of Degree or award. Who dares to check the truth?)

• Always keep bad relations with mainstream politicians and good relations with second or third grade politicians. This also will create controversy and you will shine in media again and again.

These tips are very useful only for them who are already famous. If you are a such type of person, remember these tips when you become a senior citizen and you have a lot of time to write on your blog, as your regular work might have become a flop show.

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