Monday, June 14, 2010

More About Butcher Land Jains

-Mahavir Sanglikar

My article Jains of Butcher Land was recently published on my blog and it was read by thousands of Jains and others world over. I got about one hundred comments on the article, directly as comments on the blog, or by personnel emails. Some readers made phone calls regarding this article.

Many readers of the article tried to find this land on Google Maps, but failed to find it.
So, some of them declared this as a fake story, while others directly asked to me about the exact location of the land.

There is no land called Butcher Land in Indian Ocean, which is full of Jains. The land in the story is imaginary one. The story is based on the actual things happening in Jain community of India and elsewhere.

I am sad to say that most of the readers were not able to understand the true meaning of the story based on facts. They were unable to recognize the literary value of this black humor.

Well, all the business going on the imaginary land is actually happening in India here and there. For instance, Asia’s biggest slaughter house belongs to a Jain, and according to a report most of the biggest slaughterhouses in India are owned by Jains. So Jains do not need a separate land to do such business, they can do it easily in India.

But I was surprised to know that most of readers were against meat import-export business of Butcher Land Jains, and not against their involvement in Gutkha manufacturing and its distribution, Gambling and lottery, money lending, Hawala etc. The readers have nothing to do if Jains are killing their girl children before they take births.

Some of the statements in the story throw light on stupid tendency of Indian Jains. No one has understood this. Late me give some examples:

There is no penalty for Financial criminals, as such types of crimes are legal and cannot be called as crimes.(This statement is based on the fact that many Jains are involved in financial crimes and most of the common Jains show love for Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh, Bharat Shah etc.)

For Butcher Land Jains Sports, Arts, Science, Music and such things are useless. The Land does not keep any armed forces, and is fully dependent on the enemy’s mercy. (Fact: Making money is the sole purpose of life for many Jains, nothing to do with humanities In the name of so called Ahimsa, Jains of a specific region in India avoid to join Armed Forces.)

The Jains of Butcher Land think that 75% of the world trade generates from their country. (Fact: Many Jains in India think that 75% of Indian economy is in their hands. Only brainless and egoistic people can believe in such statements)

Many Jain guys have to marry girls from African countries and have to pay a big dowry to the fathers of the girls. In last few decades, the body color of Butcher Land Jains is changed! (Tina Jain looks like a beautiful black girl of Nigeria or Uganda!) (Fact: Many Jain guys in India have to marry with tribal and other non-Jain girls by paying huge money to the agents, just because the male-female ratio is disturbed in some Jain castes.)

The Male-Female ratio is worst, and there are two males per one female (Fact: It is happening in Jain community in India)

The Jain temples of this Land are made from coins, not from bricks! The idols of Jain Gods are decorated with Silver and Golden coins, and also with currency notes various countries, but especially with Euros and U.S. Dollars. (Fact: Jains of a sect decorate the idols of the Teerthankars. What an insult of Jainism!)

If a person is found eating potatoes, Garlic or onions, he is punished. Government of Butcher Land has banned killing of Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Mosquitoes. (Fact: Isn’t it just a stupidity? But what can we expect when the religion becomes Opium?)

One reader has appealed that Mahavir Sanglikar should be expelled from Jain community for writing such articles. Those who think that the reader is right, may note that there is a technical problem. A Jain caste or Jain sect can expel its members from their small world, but they have no right to expel anybody who does not belong to their world i.e. sect and caste. And they should know that I do not belong to any caste or sect of Jain community, as I am just a Jain.

By the way, why they are not expelling the Gutakha kings from Jain community?

I am thankful to those matured and learned readers, who got the true meaning of my article and supported my views. Unfortunately they are very few in number. But I hope that Jains will awake before they get totally vanished from the world.

When the dull students do not understand lessons in the textbooks, they have to take help of Guides. This article is a guide for those who have not understood the meaning of the original article.