Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jains and Jews

Jains and Jews

-Mahavir Sanglikar

Some Jains like to compare Jain community with the Jews. No doubt that there are some similarities between them, like Jains and Jews were persecuted by followers of other religions/ creeds (Jews know well about the persecutions, most Jains do not know anything about their own history), both the communities have a very old history and both the communities do not want to share their religions with others and that is why both the community are minority communities. We do not find any other similarity between them except that there is the letter ‘J’ at the beginning of the names of both the communities.

On other fronts, comparing Jains with Jews is just foolishness! Jains are nowhere when compared to Jews. Jains are just like the Gangu Teli in front of King Bhoj in the Hindi Saying Kahaan Raja Bhoj aur Kahaan Gangu Teli. Jews have been awarded for more than 135 times with the most prestigious Nobel Prize. This is out of the total number 760! On the other hand, forget about the Nobel Prize, not a single Jain has been awarded by Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civil award.

Jew is an international community, which is dominant in many countries including United States, while Jain are the most ignored people in the world and even in their own country.

Jews are dominant in every filed of the life like Science, Sports, Media, Defense, Agriculture, Education, Hollywood, Art, Industry, Trade; in United States and other countries. How can you compare Jains with them, as Jains know just to make money by this or that way and construct temples? Jews have won hundreds of Gold medals in Olympics and many other international sports events, what about Jains (Their contribution to sport is just to watch Cricket on Television!)

Jews are strong enough to create their own nation, i.e. Israel, and defend it’s boundaries from more than a dozen enemy countries. In Israel, in United States and even in some other countries, Jews have been awarded with the highest gallantry awards. What about Jains? What is their contribution to the defense of India? They are live just because of other communities who give their lives while fighting with enemies. Remember the attack on Mumbai, there was not a single Jain cop, commando or soldier in the forces to fight against the terrorists.

Jews have given great thinkers like Karl Marx and scientists like Albert Einstein and Karl Segan. Jews have given the world Jesus Christ, the most influential person on the earth. On the other hand, Mahavir, another great personality of the world, was kidnapped by Jains, still he is in their custody in the jails called temples. Jains have nothing to do with his great thoughts.

So it is a very wrong thing to compare Jews with Jains. It is just like to compare a lion with a microbe.


  1. i wish you had known the reason why jains did not win so many prizes. killing in jainism whether its i for defence or attack is wrong. and if every one lived in peace(jews/jains/muslims/christians etcc..)
    and if you are not aware, most jews are businessmen outside israel.
    for your info, karl marx was a lutheranian(a part of christian protestants) and not a jew.
    read this

    Jesus being a jew is another controversy. some books claim he is a jew and some dont.

    please do your research before you post.

  2. Actually, Karl Marx was an outspoken Atheist.

  3. Jewish and Indian culture share somewhat same mysticism. Its more tribal in nature with different Jewish tribes and Indian tribes. Both are matured ancient culture with very close geographical boundaries. Not to mention boundaries of Bharat before British came and defined what is INDIA and put it in our history books. Jains and Jews are in diamond business and very few handful Jains know about Israel or ever heard the word JEW in their lifetime. But Jains (businessman in Israel)see Jews as westerners with more of having indian/asian heart as compared to westerners. So they have developed likeness to their way of life and the J word makes them more closer.