Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jains of Butcher Land

-Mahavir Sanglikar

Very few people in the world know that there is a small island in Indian Ocean, called as Butcher Land. The most unknown thing about this land is that this tiny island is full of Jains!

I have not visited this land yet, but while finding new friends from the most unknown parts of the world through social networking sites, I got a new friend from this land. Her name was Tina Jain. Her profile at one Social Networking Site was titled as ‘Tina from Tiny Land’.

Within a few session of chatting with Tina, I got a lot of information about the Jain community of this land. I would like to share the information with you. I think that many of the readers would dislike this information, some readers would enjoy it and few would think seriously on it. Few smarter readers would immediately think that this is another humorous article by Mahavir Sanglikar.

I was surprised to know from Tina that the major business of the Jains of Butcher Land is trading of meat! They import it from India and export the same to African countries. When Tina told me about it, I asked her that how can Jain community get engaged in such type of business? Her answer was quick. She said, “ We do not eat any animal product. Even eating milk products is prohibited in our community. We just trade. We import, and then export. We even don’t touch or see the products we trade.” This was strange for me.

She told me that most of the import of meat is from Al-Kabir, Hyderbad, Asia’s biggest Slaughterhouse. The reason for preferring Al-Kabir was that this company belongs to a Jain Industrialist of India. Recently he donated two Crore Rupees for construction of a new Jain temple at Buffalo, the Capital city of Butcher Land.

The Jain temples of this Land are made from coins, not from bricks! The idols of Jain Gods are decorated with Silver and Golden coins, and also with currency notes of various countries, but especially with Euros and U.S. Dollars. Indian Rupee has no value here.

Last year, this Land was declared as a Jain Nation, after a revolt by extremist Jains of Butcherland. The new Government of Butcher Land has banned killing of Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Mosquitoes. (But killing human beings is not a big crime here). The import of pesticides is prohibited. The Government has also banned farming, as agriculture is a sin according to the extremist Jains. So the people have to eat imported grains and cereals.

If a person is found eating potatoes, Garlic or onions, he is punished. Import of Sugar made from beat roots is banned. However, the Government officials have excluded Carrots from the list of non-eatables. Night eaters have to pay a big penalty; sometimes the offender has to lose all of his property. The restaurant owners in Butcher Land have to close their business before Sun set.

Beside import-export of meat and other animal products, many Jains here are engaged in various businesses like Gutkha manufacturing and its distribution, Gambling and lottery, money lending, Hawala etc. Many Butcher Land Jains work as mediators in Hawala, which is legal here. Their biggest clients are Jains from India and some western countries.

There is no penalty for economic criminals, as such types of crimes are legal and cannot be called as a crime.

For Butcher Land Jains Sports, Arts, Science, Music and such things are useless. The Land does not keep any armed forces, and is fully dependent on the enemy’s mercy.

The Jains of Butcher Land think that 75% of the world trade generates from their country.

There is 100% literacy and all of them are graduates. Bachelor of Commerce is the only Degree available here.

The Male-Female ratio is worst, and there are two males per one female. This is because the Jain Government has permitted to kill female children, even before they take birth. As a result, many Jain guys have to marry girls from African countries and have to pay a big dowry to the fathers of the girls. In last few decades, the body color of Butcher Land Jains is changed! (Tina Jain looks like a beautiful black girl of Nigeria or Uganda!)

Some Indian Jain celebrities are very popular in this country. You can see Photographs of Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh etc. in every office of corporate houses here.

I think that every Jain who likes to travel should visit this land.

(I am getting lot of comments on this black comedy. The sad thing is that most of the readers think that there is a real land named Butcher Land. No, This is an imaginary story based on the so called Jains in India and elsewhere.)


  1. Please send me the location in the google map.more proof please .

  2. Looks interesting if its real i need more info.
    Why this place is not coming in google search need more proof.

  3. Tomorrow jain's portrait has been given by have given blog on "revolt of jain lady to cristanity"I have sent not comment"Jai Mahavir bolo,chahe kisika pet kholo"
    Nothing is immpossible for jains because they got soap of Daan.

  4. how to be there and a map needed to know more

  5. i condemm this article
    how any jain can do this whether he is living any part of world(including india)
    i found a butcher island in mumbai

    Butcher Island – It’s also known as Jawahar Dweep. It’s situated off the Indian coast at Mumbai. It has an oil terminal used by the port authorities. It is a restricted area and most of the island is covered with thick and inaccessible vegetation. A hillock rises from the centre of the island. It is located about 8 kms from the Gateway of India

    but i dont know what mr. sanglikar is saying is true or not
    but i am not believe in this that jain doing butchers job.. and it was at large scale . .

  6. I dont belive that there is a island like this .i have searched in maps also but there is nothing like this. If it really exist send me some proof like of people,temples etc.
    Wating for your response. "Tina From Tiny Land"

  7. good
    Please send the location on Google Map Please....

  8. Really a master piece critic on some so called jains,

  9. Just last weekend, in Toronto, I heard of a visit by a prominent local Jain to a rich jain in Texas. He was shocked to see 5 costly animal skins on the floor of the house, and was offerred a full beff dinner with drinks.
    Nothing amazes more than the fact that Jains tend to separate business and religion to an unimaginable and total non-jain extent.

  10. Ishwar sancheti said..
    Unbelievable. No body knows about suc location. Give more details such as exact location, population etc.

  11. Mr. Mahavir ji.

    This is totally unbelievable. They must not be doing the job u stated or they r not Jains. If there is reality about this, we can state that, Bhagwan Mahavir stated this thousands of years ago that Jains themselves will criticise Jainism in the coming years! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THE FUTURE.

    Jai Jinendra.

  12. they are not true jains

  13. It is fine to hear that peoples of this island are not eating potato, etc... & also resotrunts are close before sun set. But it is shocking that they are doing trade of meat. I will be happy to know the location of this island & how any 1 can reach there

  14. amazing to find people of our community involving in such business due to agyanatha kindly send fotos with identity of the island that exists
    nirmal jain

  15. Dear Sanglikar,
    I think Tina must be a different faith,who is trying to make Jains look bad

  16. Yes it is True that in Today's Time nothing is Impossible for Jains.
    But Regarding this Article , the things Mr. Sanglikar Told are really very difficult to Digest..
    May be Thats True but until Mr. Sanglikar didnt Told abt all the Facts Regarding this Island, I cant Believe this Article..

  17. Jai Jinendra Mahaveerji,
    how unfortunate to have lost the sarcasm to be understood. i just hope intelligent Jains would take note of this and try to do something about this. But as Jainism says it is your Karma that dictates what you do. So for the likes of Harshad Mehta, Ketan Parekh, Manekchand Gutka king etc. will continue doing what ever their Karma dictates. No purusharth here. Let me ask you how would you change this given the intellectual capacity of your readers.

  18. Sourabh Patil - This article isnt true.. Rather, its another humorous story by Mahavir Sir..

  19. Mr mahavir ji thats a good way to critisize the jains involved in those nasty businesses but this type of imagination raise many questions, so be ready to answer those questions.

  20. mahavirji,

    a good critic article. But as you see we are going thru 5th aara, and as predicted all this is to come true. Lot of jains have lost faith due to various reasons and lot do not know the real facts of jainisms. Your article is abstract in nature and only looking at one side of coin... there are other jains also who by the way of ahimsa do follow jainism. This aara is of more bad over less good. So let us try to glorify good more than the bad things around. I understand your point-of-view , but do you think this would suffice to any specific cause. Instead as you have great following on blog... why dont you spread the facts of jainism more... i do agree that you are already doing this to a lot extent but this could have been avoided.

    At last, i am too young to advice or comment on jainism facts and require expertise of you people to spread jainism in better spot.

    Micchami dukkadam if i have hurt you by any means.

    Raj J Salecha

  21. jai jinendar mahavir ji
    nice saying by you about the present condition of jains

  22. Dear Mahaveerji, Great attempt to uncover the wrong doings by Dharmik Jains. And what you mentioned is not very hard to believe (at least for me). There are lot of community brothers who are engaged in business and practicing wrong/unethical things. Typically in Mumbai, Jains are engaged with great intensity in Karma as well as Dharma. And for them Karma means anything to earn money. Forget 'Vitaraagi' (even I don't expect anyone can simply become), these friends start accumulating Maya from all sides, ways, & means. There are many well known professions like gold shops, builders, clothings, hardware, metals, diamonds, financing, etc., all of these are having tremendous scope for cheating others. And all are mostly controlled/aquired by Jains.

    It seems these people compensate all wrong doings with lots of Dharma (like you mentioned the amount donated of Rs 2Cr)

    So, article is neither a wonder nor a critics only. Request all to digest similar facts of engagements of Jains in out-of-the (say Dharma)

    I beg pardon for hurting anybody, if at all.
    Nilesh Jain

  23. the whole humour of butcher land was awesome ...keep up the work
    Sneha Golechha

  24. What i think of this article is that: Mahaveer ji is telling that any jain who is practicing all this is a "butcher!!!" - who is a icon for merciless human ! Even if jains are into crimes like cheating in trades, They are BUTCHERS!. And i think this article is targeted on those jains who are into unethical or non-jain practices....! These people have to believe that they belong to this imaginary entity called Butcher land,which is full of shameless jains...
    It is for them to read and realize their mistake. It is a message to convey it to them that they are "MERCILESS HUMANS!!" and they are a "BIG SHAME" for the "JAIN COMMUNITY"
    -By Harshita Khincha

  25. bahut achha. this time to jain review you dharma . Prem singh jaisalmer

  26. Butcher Island / Jawahar Port is existing.

    I think the rest of the story is imaginary either from Mahavir Sanglikar or Tina From Tiny Land. Which social networking site Tina From Tiny Land is associate?


    Atul Subberwal, director, Al Kabeer Exports, explains: "Retailers were getting bored of the Al Kabeer brand. Based on their feedback, and to appeal to local consumers, we created different brands." A customer in Japan, for instance, is perhaps more willing to try a homegrown-sounding 'Samurai' than she would Al Kabeer. It's a strategy that's particularly helped the brand in European markets post 9/11, where Al Kabeer might cue in to Al Qaeda.

    Brand battles are, of course, a more recent concern for Al Kabeer, which has emerged today as the largest exporter of meat, seafood, vegetarian and ready-toeat products to countries in the Middle-East , Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines and the UK, among others. It began as Janso Exports in 1973, primarily dealing in dry fruits. However, around that time, the demand for meat in the Middle East was growing, and Ghulam Shaikh, one of the partners in the venture, saw a business opportunity.

    Formed as a 50:50 partnership between Subberwal and the Shaikh family, the company posted a turnover of Rs 300 crore last year, inclusive of its domestic and export business — in 1978-79, its turnover was a modest Rs 3 crore. Subberwal reminisces, "Back in the 70s, we were conducting business from a small two-bedroom apartment in Colaba, Mumbai. It was then that somebody suggested that the size of the place should not be a deterrent , and we should think big. That is how the name Al Kabeer came; it means 'The Big One' in Arabic."