Monday, June 14, 2010

Animal Rights V/s Human Rights

-Mahavir Sanglikar

In India, millions of Dalits are being persecuted by so called upper class Hindus. They are killing thousands of Dalits just because they are Dalits.

On the other hand, millions of daughter- in- laws in India are being persecuted and thousands of them are being forced to commit suicide for dowry.

Every day, there are communal riots in one or another town in India. Innocent people are becoming victims of such riots.

Terrorists are killing innocent people in mass every day.

We read daily newspapers and watch T.V. news everyday full of such incidents. But none of us speak a single word of such persecutions and killings of human beings. On the other hand some people always speak about killings of animals (especially cows*), small insects and invisible living beings even if they are harmful to us. They even speak about the life in green vegetables and underground vegetables and do not eat such vegetables because we do not want to kill them. But they have nothing to do with killings of human beings. Isn't it foolish?

They do not know the true meaning of Ahimsa, so they do not have any place for humanity in their mind.

Talking on killings of human being can be harmful for them so the best way is to run away from working for human rights (what is it?) That's why they talk only on animal rights (we know it very well)

Unlike Hinduism, there no special status for cows in Jainism. Then why we speak so much about saving cows?

What are your comments?


  1. Humans as a group are much more evil than animals. I will not ever be able to be Jain. I am pretty close for a Westerner because I am nearly vegan and try never to hurt any small thing. Ants can live in my house and I help worms off the hot sidewalk. I don't kill spiders and rescue insects. I rescue animals. But humans make me very angry. I have much compassion for animals, I really don't have much for humans, and so I guess I am one of those people you say talk about animal rights and not so much human rights. Individual humans I have compassion for, but too many of us are greedy, materialistic, and unbelievably cruel. Yes, that's judgemental. See? I'll never be a jain because its so easy for me to want to live up to the standards in every other way, but I am never going to apologize to people for potentially hurting their feelings by saying that hunting for "sport" with arrows is cruel. The whole point of telling them about how cruel it is is to hurt their hearts so that maybe they stop.

  2. the simple difference between Humans and Animals:

    You owe a dog, you "hard" kick his ass for not it being pissing your wealthy floor.
    the next day a thief comes in your home, I guess the dog will bark at that stranger and will alarm his master. That shows that animals are not "Kapti" (deceptive, wearing masks to hide real intetion.)

    Now lest consider another example, you"hard" kick the ass of your little brother who has made a bad name for your family.

    Again next night a thief comes in (you do not own a dog), I guess the little brother for whom you have did so much , (may) will forget everything else but will remember that you kicked his ass yesterday. He will intsead pray that its good that thief kicks big brother so that his mind gets in order.

    That was just an example.

    No way Jainism differentiate the importance of a life be it of human or be it of Animal. (after all even humans are animal).

    As per Jainism is concerned it do not teach to differentiate between life form and indeed teaches to respect every life form equal.

    COW whay is that important.

    Again not important but is not worthless. Cow is the most gentle animal of all, which give so much in returns to humans and in turn we give her death. This contrast give special attention to cow.