Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hitler Was a Vegetarian!

-Mahavir Sanglikar

(Please note that I do not favor Non-vegetarian food. It is just a second view about vegetarians)

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian? There is no need of explaining how cruel he was. He was responsible for killings of hundreds of millions people in World War II. He was famous for persecutions of Jews in Europe.

Mahatma Gandhi, who was also a vegetarian, played cruel politics with Dalits and Muslims. He was so cruel in his family life also, that one of his son committed suicide, and another became Muslim. Another vegetarian Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi.

In India, Baniyas and Bramhins are vegetarians. The Baniyas love to make money by anyway and most of the moneylenders and jewelers in India are from Baniya community. The moneylenders are the people because of whom thousand of poor people commit suicide each year in India. The jewelers always use bogus material in the jewelry and make huge money. Then they donate some part of the money for building and reconstructing temples. Their temples are caste oriented and people of other castes/communities have no permission to worship there. However they say that their religion is the only `Vishwa Dharma' (world religion).

They do not kill ants but cause to kill human beings. Baniyas are very religious people, but their religion is not for the mankind, but for the animals.

On the other hand, the `Vegetarian' Bramhins like to divide Indian community in pieces, and they love to see riots in Hindus and Muslims. The Bramhins are so smart vegetarians that until now, no Bramhin is killed in riots in India, even after a Brahmin killed Gandhi.

The Bramhins and Baniyas belong to different religions and their religions are enemies of one another for thousands of years. But in practice there is an alliance between them. The alliance for exploitation of Indian community and an alliance to save animals!

Not all the vegetarians are cruel. But Vegetarians have no sympathy for others. Again have a look at Vegetarian Brahmins and Vegetarian Baniyas. See their behavior with others.

It is a subject of research why many vegetarians behave like this!

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