Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Discussions the Extremist Jains Do?

-Mahavir Sanglikar

I always laugh when there are stupid and useless questions and discussions in various Jain discussion groups. Such questions and discussions are indications of where the Jain mind is leading.

Let us see some of such stupid things.

Long ago, one Jain extremist wrote:

Laughter is a sin. (Now I got why most of such Jains are cagey).

Ha ha ha! So Jains should not laugh. Then what they should do? Should they cry? Yes, I think they should cry, because their religion is going to finish soon because of such stupid fellows.

Now, see some other stupid questions and discussion topics: (The comments in brackets are mine)

*Should we eat Red Tomatoes?
*Do not eat Brinjals, they are bahubij (Many seeded). (Then why these people eat whole seeds like rice, wheat, pulses etc?)
*Exercising is a sin
*Eating at night is a sin (What about sex? Why they do not discuss about sex they do at night?)
*Clapping is himsa (so should Jains whistle?)
*Jains should avoid agriculture (Then Jains should avoid eating agricultural products also. It will be nice for every Jain to take sallekhana/ santhara as soon as he/she is born)
*People die only after their ayukarma is completed (Well, then you should not admit your nearer ones in hospitals, if they are seriously injured or ill).
* Do not kill bedbugs (O.K., they want to feed them with their own blood)

I do not know why some people like to discuss on such subjects. They always keep mum about bigger sins. Is it a mental defect?

I have just added one stupid question in various discussion groups and am sure that they will discuss on it seriously. My question is: Can I kill the viruses in my computer?

Now let us see the topics they always avoid to discuss.

1. The male-female ratio in Jain community is very low when compared to other communities. This is because many Jains kill their girl child before it is born. Jains kill Girl children for two reasons: a) The dowry system in Jain community b) Girls are not assets for Jains. They do not discuss about all these and related subjects.

2. Terrorists are killing thousands of innocent people every year in India and worldwide. In riots also, many innocent people get killed. Jains have nothing to do with it. After all, the innocent people being killed are not animals or bedbugs, then why to care about them?

3. Ahimsa is one of the five equally important vows for Jains. But Jains will not discuss anything about the other four vows. Just talk about Ahimsa, Ahimsa and Ahimsa.

4. Jainism says that Parigrah is the father of all sins. But on the contrary, Jain community is the most parigrahi and most money oriented (So the most sinner?) community. So do not expect that they will ever chat about aparigrah.

5. Money lending by Jains and others has forced thousands of farmers in India to suicide. If laughter is a sin, what about money lending?

6. The Gutkha makers are promoting ‘killings Indians by cancer’. Jains will not discuss this issue as 9 of the top 10 Gutakha makers in India are born Jains.

7. Jainism teaches equality between all human beings. Jains have nothing to do with this topic.

8. Jainism always opposed Vedic philosophy. Jains keep mum on this.

9. Most of the Jain monks are corrupted. They have became mahaparigrahi, immoral and money oriented. (What we can expect from a money oriented community? Yatha Shravak Tatha Sadhu, Tatha sandhu tatha shravak). But Jains always avoid discussing about such monks.

10. Jains always avoid social issues for discussions. Perhaps they think that discussing social issues is a sin.

11. Jain community has given some extra ordinary non ascetic people to the nation. Jains never remember them. So there is no question of discussing about them.

12. Jainism has a rich history. Extremist Jains know nothing about Jain history, how can they discuss on it?

I think that discussing on such dangerous topics is injurious to the mental health of Jain extremists. So they discuss on minor and stupid issues. For them, Jainism is just eating habits and ‘nothing to do’ way of life.

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