Sunday, December 12, 2010

I am Not Against Any Sect

Recently I got an email alleging that I am against a specific sect of Jains and targeting it through my articles.

I had received another mail from a person belonging to opposite sect of the abovementioned. He too thinks that I am against his sect, and targeting it.

Both the mails prove that orthodox people of every Jain sect think that I am against them. They think in such a way because they are not able to give answers to the questions I arouse, and cannot digest the facts, which I have been discussing in my articles.

I was born into the traditional Beespanthi sub sect of Digambars, but let me clear that I do not belong to it anymore, or in other words, I belong to every sect and sub sect of Jains. For me, any practicable tradition in any sect that is good and not against humanity is acceptable. I am not against any sect, but against one way thinking, impracticable traditions, stupid rituals, wrong beliefs and wrong interpretations of the Jain way of life. When I write about these things in my articles, some people think that I am writing against their sect. I suggest them to read my articles carefully and they will find that I have written against the wrong practices both in Digambars and Shwetambars.

For me, orthodox Digambars and Orthodox Shwetambars are the worst enemies of Jains and Jainism. These people have made Jainism a Private Limited Company.

A Dalit caste of Maharashtra is willing to adopt Jainism. When their leaders came to me for discussions, I arranged their meeting with the great Shwetambar monk Upadhyay Maniprabhsagarji and Sthanakwasi monk Upadhyay Pravinrishiji. We talked with these monks and got a positive response. I firmly avoided introducing the Dalit leaders to any Digambar monks, as I knew their inhuman thinking about Dalits. If I were a person bearing sectarian views, I would have never introduced the Dalit leaders to Shwetambar and Sthanakwasi monks. Instead, I would have opposed Dalit conversions to Jainism.

Further I would like to say that my circle of friends has persons belonging to every sect of Jains. Unlike others, I never prefer friends from the Sect, Caste and linguistic group in which I was born. The only girl to whom I loved very much and to whom I still remember, was not from my ex-sect, caste or linguistic group. Some of my close relatives and most of my best friends belong to other sects. If you check the list of my Jain friends on Orkut and Facebook, you will find that I am not like the frogs for whom their small puddle is the universe. Such frogs have no right to allege that I am against the universe where they live. I never think that such frogs will grow up unless they come out of their small universe.

So if anybody thinks that I am targeting his sect, it is just because of his wrong way of thinking. I am not willingly hurting anybody and my sole purpose is to fight against orthodoxy. Criticizing is the best key to create an environment against wrong things. If many people get nervous by it, I cannot help them.

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