Sunday, December 12, 2010

Problems Before Jain Community and some solutions

What are the biggest problems before Jain community, you think?

Do you think that the decreasing number of females in Jain community is the biggest problem before Jains? Are the persecutions of Jains by Anup Mandal and other Hindutwa organizations the biggest problems? What about ignoring constitutional rights of Jains like national minority status by Central Government? Ignoring Jainism in history of India by the historians…? Forcing Hindu identity on Jains…? Conversions of Jains to Christianity…? Intrusion by Hindus in Jain pilgrimage centers and temples? Decreasing percentage of Jain community in Indian population?

If you are worried about such problems, you are a stupid fellow. You do not know the real problems Jain community is facing. So let me tell you some of the real problems. Discuss on them and the Jain community will appreciate you!

Problem No. 1
Silk Worms
Millions of silk worms are boiled and killed to make silk. You should worry about them. Let the terrorists kill innocents human beings world over, but never discuss about it. Discuss about silk worms my boy; it is necessary to keep our religion alive.
And remember that, if some people kill Jain monks and nuns, keep mum. After all, they are not silk worms, you know!

Problem No. 2
Night Eating
Most of the Jains are eating after sunset. This is a very dangerous thing. Discuss about this. We need a movement against night eaters. We should expel them from Jain community, if we want to keep our religion alive. By the way, never talk about our high society community members who give Non-vegetarian and wine parties at late night. After all, our religion is alive on their money.

Problem No. 3
Eating Root Vegetables
Most of the Jains are eating root vegetables, specially onions and potatoes. We should work on this issue on a war footing; only then we can save Jains from this biggest sin. Ignore if the Jains are involved in smaller sins like frauds and economical crimes, unethical business etc., we have to ask them for big donations to our temples.

Problem No. 4
Intrusion by ‘other Jains’
Jains of other sect are trying to acquire our pilgrimage centers and temples. They are our worst enemies. i.e. if you are a Digamabar, Shwetambars are your enemies, and if you are Shwetambar, Digambars are your enemies. Always discuss about it, here and there. We should create hatred about one another. Only this policy can save our sect. Your monks can guide you well in this matter. Do not think about Jainism, sect is important. You know that Jainism is a vanished religion, so why to worry about it? And if Hindus are trying to intrude, never become aggressive against them. You know, we are cowards, so we cannot fight against non-Jains. So we should fight amongst ourselves only.

I think, now you know the real problems our community is facing. Discuss on them, this doesn’t need much thinking and our brains, which are smaller than average, will not get tired. We should not think on the minor problems I have given in the beginning of this write up, as these issues require a brain which can think deeply, and you know we, including our great monks and community leaders, do not have it!

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